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Fruit Butters

Silky and delicate in texture, our fruit butter is made from fruit that is cooked, puréed, and then cooked a second time, resulting in a concentrated flavor. They taste great in yoghurt, oatmeal, and rice pudding, or serve over ice cream, toast, or scones.

These fruit butters have a very low sugar content and no commercial pectin.

Please refrigerate after opening.

  Gravenstein Apple Fruit Butter  
    ©Kyle Small  


To order please email with your selections.
Let us know if you would like your order shipped (please
provide address) or prefer to pick up curbside in Oakland.

Online ordering is not currently available.


  Aprium & Lemon Verbena  
  Aprium & Rose Petal  
  Quince & Ginger  
  Quince & Rose Geranium  
  Rose Bright Nectarine, Strawberry & Rose $22  
  Spiced Pear  
  Spiced Quince $22  
  Warren Pear & Raspberry  
  Warren Pear, Ginger & Lemon Thyme  
  Ume Plum & Aprium$22  


9 oz  $20


Fruit Pastes
  Greengage Plum, Bay & Rose Paste  
  Greengage Plum & Rosemary Paste  

9 oz  $22





We are continually adding new varieties produced in small quantities.
Please check this site for new additions.



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