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The traditional method used in producing our conserve results in a soft set texture. Enhanced fresh fruit flavor is favored over a firmer set. These conserves have a very low sugar content and no commercial pectin.

Please refrigerate after opening.

Srawberry & Provençal Lavender Conserve


  SALE  $10  
  Arctic Queen White Nectarine & Lavender Order
  Damson Plum & Port Order
  Dapple Dandy Pluot Order
  Flavor King Pluot & Anise Hyssop Order
  Greengage Plum & Vanilla Bean Order
  LeGrand Nectarine Order
  Mariposa Plum & Rosemary Order
  Peach, Nectarine, Bay & Rose Geranium Order
  Pluot (Plum-Apricot) & Lavender Order
  SALE  $10  
  Red Cloud Apricot & White Sage Order
  Rhubarb, Blood Orange & Rosemary Order
  Rhubarb & Ginger Order
  Satsuma Plum, Blackberry & Mint Order
  Shiro Plum Order
  Spice Zee White Nectarine Order
  Summer Sweet Peach Order
  Summer Sweet Peach & Hidcote Lavender Order




  Blackberry Order
  Blackberry & Lemon Verbena Order
  Blackberry & Wild Fennel Order
  Blueberry & Cassis Order
  Josephine Raspberry Order
  Obsidian Blackberry Order
  Obsidian Blackberry & Rose Geranium Order
  Obsidian Blackberry & White Sage Order
  Strawberry Order
  Strawberry & Raspberry Order
  Strawberry & Vanilla Bean Order
  Strawberry Rhubarb Order
  Strawberry Rhubarb Rose Geranium Order
  Strawberry & Rose Geranium Order
  Tutti Frutti
(Strawberry, Raspberry & Elderberry)




  Red Cloud Apricot Order
  Royal Blenheim Apricot Order
  Bing Cherry Order
  Bing Cherry & Almond Order
  Bing Cherry & Lemon Verbena Order
  Cherry Order






  Flavor Top Nectarine Order
  Le Grand Nectarine Order
  Rose Bright Nectarine Order
  Bright Princess Peach Order
  Diamond Princess Peach Order
  July Flame Peach Order
  June Pride Peach Order

  Damson Plum Order
  Elephant Heart Plum Order
  Santa Rosa Plum Order
  Santa Rosa Plum & Blueberry Order
  Santa Rosa Plum & Ginger Order
  Flavor King Pluot Order
  Pluot & Anise Hyssop Order



  Fig Order
  Fig & Plum Order
  Fig, Port & Lemon Thyme Order





8 oz  $16
We are continually adding new varieties produced in small quantities.
Please check this site for new additions.



Seasonal Subscription
Follow the season's bounty

Four times a year receive three carefully selected conserves, marmalades, and fruit butters made during that season.

One year subscription includes four shipments of 3 jars (12 in total) and includes shipping.

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