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The traditional method used in producing our conserve results in a soft set texture. Enhanced fresh fruit flavor is favored over a firmer set. These conserves have a very low sugar content and no commercial pectin.

Please refrigerate after opening.

Srawberry & Provençal Lavender Conserve


  SALE  $11  
  Arctic Queen White Nectarine & White Sage Order
  Blackberry Order
  Blackberry & Lemon Thyme Order
  Blackberry & Lemon Verbena Order
  Red Cloud Apricot & White Sage Order
  Arctic Queen White Nectarine & Lavender Order
  Diamond Princess Peach & Lemon Verbena Order
  May Pearl Nectarine Order
  Summer Sweet Peach & Hidcote Lavender Order
  SALE  $11  
  Strawberry & Provençal Lavender Order
  Strawberry & Rose Geranium Order
  Tayberry & Lemon Verbena Order
  Mariposa Plum Order
  Mariposa Plum & Rosemary Order
  Rhubarb, Blood Orange & Rosemary Order
  Rhubarb & Ginger Order




  Blackberry & Wild Fennel Order
  Blue & Black
(Blueberry & Blackberry)
  Blueberry & Vanilla Bean Order
  Josephine Raspberry Order
  Strawberry Order
  Strawberry Rhubarb Order
  Strawberry Rhubarb Rose Geranium Order
  Tayberry & Lemon Verbena Order

  Red Cloud Apricot Order
  Royal Blenheim Apricot Order
  Bing Cherry & Almond$16 Order
  Cherry $16 Order





  Le Grand NectarineNew Order
  Rose Bright NectarineNew Order
  Rose Bright Nectarine & Wild Fennel Order
  Bright Princess Peach New Order
  Diamond Princess PeachNew Order
  July Flame PeachNew Order


  Damson Plum Order
  Elephant Heart Plum Order
  Greengage Plum & Vanilla Bean Order
  Santa Rosa Plum Order
  Shiro Plum Order
  Flavor King Pluot Order
  Pluot (Plum-Apricot) & Lavender Order
  Pluot & Raspberry Order



  Fig Order
  Fig & Plum Order
  Fig & Raspberry Order
  Rhubarb & Blood Orange Order





8 oz  $15
We are continually adding new varieties produced in small quantities.
Please check this site for new additions.



Seasonal Subscription
Follow the season's bounty

Four times a year receive three carefully selected conserves, marmalades, and fruit butters made during that season.

One year subscription includes four shipments of 3 jars (12 in total) and includes shipping.

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