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Our versatile, natural, and light bodied fruit syrups are made by combining the juice of the organic fruit used in our conserves with a minimal amount of sugar, and are infused with an array of organically grown flowers and herbs.

Mix with champagne, cocktails or sparking waters. Try macerating summer fruits for fruit salad or drizzle over ice cream, cake or yogurt. Use in vinaigrettes and as a glaze over fish or light meats.

Please refrigerate after opening.

Nordic Syrup
The Nordic Syrups

Nordic Syrups

When I discovered these bottles I knew I had to work with them. They are heavy and handsome and elegant in a solid kind of way.

I decided to make limited editions syrups of very small runs using herbal combinations from plants I grow or forage for and fruit juice based syrups infused with flowers and herbs. We generally make 20 - 40 bottles of each flavor.

Here is our current offering:

  The Nordic Limited Edition Syrups
  Blood Orange & Port Order
  Blood Orange, Port & Rosemary Order
  Blue Tuscan Rosemary &
White Sage
  Clementine, Rosemary & Clementine Brandy Order
  Cypress Leaf Order
  Cypress Leaf & Rosemary Order
  Mountain Sage & Cypress Tree Order
  Obsidian Blackberry & White Sage Order
  Rose Geranium Order
  Royal Blenheim Apricot & Rosemary Order
  Silver Lime & Bay Laurel Order
  Silver Lime & Rosemary Order
  Strawberry, Raspberry & Bay Leaf Order
  White Sage & Rose Geranium Order


15 oz  $28

Fruit Syrups

  Provencal Lavender Syrup  

  SALE - $9  
  Fruit, Herbal & Floral Syrups
  Mariposa Plum & Rosemary Order
  Santa Rosa Plum Order
  SALE - $9  
  Strawberry Order
  Strawberry & White Sage Order
  Strawberry & Wild Fennel Order



  Fruit, Herbal & Floral Syrups
  Bergamot Orange & Rosemary Order
  Bing Cherry & Lemon Verbena Order
  Cherry & Kirsch Order
  Cherry & Rose Geranium Order
  Dapple Dandy Pluot Order
  Flavor King Pluot & Provençal Lavender Order
  Meyer Lemon & Rose Geranium Order
  Meyer Lemon & Wild Fennel Order
  Obsidian Blackberry & Lemon Verbena Order
  Strawberry Rhubarb & Rose Geranium Order
  Rangpur Lime & Ginger Order
  Rosemary Order
  Santa Rosa Plum & Provençal Lavender Order
  Silver Lime & Bay Laurel Order
  Silver Lime & Rosemary Order
  Strawberry & Rose Geranium Order



7.5 oz  $13

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